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Keep Hope alive in us.

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Meet Cory,

Cory is a 28-year-old young man with a bright future now. But he had a rough beginning, he grew up in foster care and group homes since he was 6 years old. When he reached the age of 18, he made some bad life choices that put him in the prison system for 8 years. After Cory was released from prison he had nowhere to live (homeless). One Saturday morning he came across Mrbubblez showers service one year ago at our community partners (Trinity Cafe) in Tampa. He was very pleased with the service he received from Mrbubblez showers and how he felt after being able to take a hot shower and redress in a set of clean clothing, Cory also found compassion with a Mrbubblez volunteer who helped him get a stable place to stay. Cory quickly realized the positive impact that Mrbubblez had on him and decided to become a volunteer himself. Cory also is pursuing an interest in the culinary field, while he is still volunteering at Mrbubblez showers. He now spends his time helping others who like him, have faced adversity, and need support.

Volunteers could sense Cory's enthusiastic determination to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need, and other volunteers were inspired by him at Mrbubblez’s event. Cory wanted to pay it forward and he knew could make a difference in another person's life. Cory felt a sense of purpose and fulfillment as he dedicated himself to serving others and fostering a supportive environment for those seeking assistance.

That's an inspiring story for all to hear, it’s great to see the chain of positivity continuing. Yes, it's truly heartwarming to witness individuals like Cory being inspired to pay it forward in the lives of those in need.

Give now to keep the water flowing to help others Bloom Hope in them today.