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Transform a Life with a drop of water

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Van of Hope PT2 to transport hope

Dear Caring Community:

Please celebrate with us that we have place a order for our cargo Van of Hope.

We want to thank our supporters that has carry our mission of the Van of Hope in the past and we thank you for your commitment to keeping the water flowing in 2022 and years to come.

As we all have heard on the news all over the state of Florida and other places that people are experiencing homeless which the number is growing each and every day. Because of inflation of rent, food, gas and other necessities in our lives. Some has been handed over to hardship of homelessness and hopelessness. The homeless families, men and women in the Tampa Bay area will have the opportunity to see better days to come after stripping away the grime and dirty from their skin to feel like a human in the middle of their current situation (find Hope).

Mrbubblez is feeling the inflation as well in the cost of the cargo van that we are purchasing to keep our showers moving and serving in our community.

We hope that you will donor to our mission again, to give us the freedom we need to serve more under served areas and people.

Give now.

Let them know You See Them & You Care.

With Gratitude

Marcia Hall founder & CEO