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Donate now to keep water flowing

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We are fundraising to shower the homeless

God do answer prayers!

We want you to meet Ms. Gail (the one with the Big smile). She is one of our homeless neighbors that join us at Mrbubblez shower stop in Tampa.

Ms. Gail has lived on the streets day and night before we met her. In a conversation Ms. Gail shared with our volunteers her prayer. " I prayed to God last night to show me where I can get a shower and clean clothes." The next morning (Saturday) as she was standing in line at the Trinity Cafe restaurant. She over heard others talking about Mrbubblez showers coming and they would have showers and clean clothing to offer. Ms Gail was taken back as she thought to her self, was this the same prayer she had just asked God for coming true? After having her hot meal, she was so eager to finally have that hot shower she had yearned for so long. Once out the shower with a big smile on her face, clean clothes on her back, she shared that she felt re-energized and rejuvenated. She said she was so thankful for the service, and the kindness and compassion she received from the volunteers that she knew without a doubt God answers prayers no matter your circumstances .